General Information

Official Name: Sigma Phi Rho Fraternity Inc

Founded: Wagner College - Staten Island, New York

Founders Day : Thursday April 26th, 1979

Fraternity Colors: Chestnut Brown, Bone White and a Touch of lustrous Gold 

First National President: Grandfather John T Sims - Alpha Chapter 

Motto: "Strong Character and Good Moral Judgement are the Essence of Dignity"

Fraternity Flower: White or Gold Rose

National Chapter: National Governing Council

Interest Groups: The Prophets and the Rhoman Court

Auxiliary: The Rho Rhoses

Nickname: Death Rho or the Rho 

Class of Membership: Active, Inactive, Alumni , Honorary 

Preamble: The Young men of the nation are the bulwark of the future. We believe that the development of strong character and good moral judgment are essential in the type of bulwark democracy needs to march ever forward. Towards this goal this organization is dedicated.

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