The mission of the Rho Foundation is to further the personal development of undergraduate membership and promote academic excellence. The foundation will provide funds for a variety of programs and services that will impact the personal development of our undergraduate members, their school, and society. The primary responsibilities of the Rho Foundation are:

Recruit Alumni membership to invest in the Undergraduate programming that promotes personal and professional growth.
Promote the core values of Sigma Phi Rho Fraternity, Incorporated through education.
Promote leadership, philanthropy and service efforts through our Fraternity and the community we serve.
Support and reward the scholastic achievement of all undergraduate members.
Prepare future leaders of the Fraternity for National leadership positions.
Initiate a capital campaign for the Sigma Phi Rho Fraternity, Incorporated -Leadership and Civic Engagement Center.

The Rho Foundation will make available National academic excellence based scholarships and awards.
The Rho Foundation will attempt to partner with like-minded organizations that are committed to the personal and professional development of minority youth.
The Rho Foundation will provide funding for all undergraduate membership programing that pertains to professional and personal growth, and the enhancement of their leadership abilities.
The Foundation will provide support for all National and local philanthropic and service efforts.

Educational Advancement of Minority Men
The second element to the Rho Foundation will focus on the importance of education as it relates to the development of minority men. Studies have shown that the lack of education amongst minority men is a direct correlation to less opportunities, poverty, poor health, less likely to sustain employment, and more than likely to become involved with the criminal justice system.

In an effort to reverse this vicious cycle, the Rho Foundation will design programming and initiatives that will advocate and promote the importance of educational advancement amongst minority men through mentoring, empowerment and civic engagement. In addition, the Rho Foundation will partner with community based organizations, social service and law enforcement agencies to address sociocultural challenges that affect minority men. The primary responsibilities of the Rho Foundation are:

With the assistance from community based organizations, churches, social services and law enforcement agencies identify at risk minority men.
Provide comprehensive programming for at risk minority men that will promote greater academic success.
Promote positive imagery, parental involvement and empowerment

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